There is no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this

I was having a laidback soiree at my friend’s backyard at the beginning of this year. A bunch of us had gathered to break bread and catch up on our lives and share our plans and hopes for the new year.

By Valentine’s Day, the year looked as promising as we had fantasized it to be. It was too soon to tell but we could feel 2020’s optimistic energy through the won pitches, renewed contracts, mended relationships and generally just the promise of a new chapter.

I adjusted my outlook to go with my big bite energy.

I have no idea how all of this crumbled in under 4 months. Suddenly the inundation of experts on crisis became a welcome idea. I attended three handfuls of calls, frantically put together by corporations who wanted not only to be to be first to market but also … In the end, we all silently seemed to warm up to the idea that we have no idea what we were planning for, and survival took poll position at the top of our list of priority for 2020.

I for one, limited my webinars to twice, then once a week and eventually to- only when necessary. I realized that I had started spending my entire day at my desk in my home office, only taking brief breaks to throw my little one in the air for giggles. The home-work balance had become an urban legend and I was quickly losing my waist. The pandemic wasn’t going away and the Zoom happy hours had grown unbecoming.
At the invitation of a dear friend and the encouragement of my growing gut, I took up nature walks at the Karura Forest. For the first time in 4 weeks I felt liberated. I was at home among trees; the calming nature walks to the waterfalls always made my soul feel like it was walking back home.  


"Some journeys take us far from home. Some adventures lead us to our destiny"

- C.S. Lewis
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These walks gave me the headspace to find the calm in all the chaos. I would walk in silence listening to the longer versions of TikTok hit songs on my Apple Music, wondering just how many others have lost themselves in the pandemic chaos. I wondered if they also needed a soft nudge to find themselves again. I wondered if they knew how incredibly beautiful our country is and how endless our outdoor opportunities are. I wondered what they would eat if they were outside and they suddenly got hungry. And there, there, The Picnic Site was born.

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