Barack Obama’s Vintage Hip 2020 Summer Playlist

By Randa

Barack Obama’s Vintage Hip 2020 Summer Playlist

Barack Obama’s annual summer playlist tweet for 2020 went out just in time for me to compile it and bring it out with me on my walk. Of course, I did not walk for 3 hours and 36 minutes but by the time I was returning home, I had already decided that the phrase that best describes this list is Vintage Hip.


My nods gradually turned into bobs and my wry smile widened as I added artists to the playlist I was compiling to share here.

 I discovered some new artists; learnt that Frank Ocean is back, this time silently after that stunt he pulled in 2016. Bob Dylan has new music. Billy Porter also samples Kelly Rowland’s Stole to create ForWhat It’s Worth which he performed this morning on Day 1 of the Democratic National Convention (DNC). Barack’s list indicates which other artists will be performing at the week-long convention.


Forgive me for belaboring just how much range 44 has. This list somehow manages to bring out the harmony from a very diverse list of artists and genre. Songs ranging 7 decades from folk music to TikTok hits, this is truly a playlist for everyone, and you can also enjoy it in solitude.


Perfect playlist for a nature walk.{Link to Playlist}