Bikini for your body-shape: Expert’s take on the best swimsuit for literally every body

By Waithera Mbuthia

Bikini for your body-shape: Expert’s take on the best swimsuit for literally every body

The festive season is finally here with us and after a rocky year of uncertainty and anxiety, everyone deserves to unwind. The time is just right for a getaway and the Coast sounds like a good place to start. The Coast means flaunting those curves in a nice-fitting bikini, body shape and size notwithstanding.  Well, to rock one, you must know how to wear it, and to remember that confidence is key.

We spoke to Wangari Macharia, founder of Wonderland wear, an on and offline shop that specializes in bikinis and women swim wear. She had a few tips on how to rock swim wear for all body shapes and sizes.

Know your body/curves

There are different plus size body shapes, which include rectangle, triangle, apple or round, hourglass and diamond. Each body type has their weakness areas which are the parts of your body that are less flattering. Camouflaging these areas helps achieve a more flattering body proportion, by highlighting parts of the body that you are proud of.

Pay attention to the tummy area

Most women are always concerned about their tummy, including the skinny ones. When buying swim wear, choose ones that mimic a slim waist. For example, a peplum tankini that hugs the waist and flares at the bottom. Cutouts around the waist also makes the waist look smaller.

Slim down arms and shoulders

A swim suit with a plunging neckline, camouflages big arms and broad shoulders by elongating the torso and drawing the eyes to the midline. The deeper the lunge is, the more slimming it looks. This is a perfect fit for women with small breasts.


Tame your diet to bring down abdominal bloating two or more days before you hit the beach. Eat more proteins, veggies, fruits and fiber. Avoid a lot of carbs and sugars. Generally, ensure you have a healthy diet at all times and not only on the beach days.

Straps and Skin

For people with back fat, it is better to get a swim suit without straps as they are going to dig into your flesh creating flesh folds. Also ensure you get the right size of swim wear. Most of us have cellulite on our skin. You can choose to hide it or flaunt it. If you are not comfortable showing it, go for tankinis or swim wear with longer hemlines.