Caroline Githinji on handling dog-pets during Covid

By Boniface Mwalii

Caroline Githinji on handling dog-pets during Covid

Dogs come in a surprisingly wide range of shapes, sizes,coats and colours. From the portable poodle to the ripped Rottweiler. When Caroline Githinji decided to get her pair of pups, she settled for crossbreeds,perhaps drawn by their irresistibly good looks and predictable charm.

“I wasn't partial to the breed, I just love dogs in general and was looking for small breeds that could happily fit in our home,” she says.

Like most dog owners, Caroline adores her mutts. Daisy (three years old) and Benji (one and a half) have grown to become cherished members of the Githinji household alongside their cat, Bubbles.

“My dogs are the most constant thing in my life,” says Caroline. “They are loving and dependable. They have a way of making me mindful of the present moment.”

She particularly enjoys taking daily walks with her dogs and occasionally tossing the ball out in the garden with them. Daisy, the Maltese half-breed, “doesn’t return the ball though.”

During the Covid 19 pandemic, the dogs’ movements have been restricted to the environs surrounding their home with the occasional trip tot he vet and groomer. While the risk of spreading Covid 19 between pets and humans is considered low, experts advise against letting people outside the household interact with pets alongside other standardized measures that have been put in place to contain the spread of the virus.

For Caroline, nothing could stop her from showing love to her pets. “I'm trying hard not to obsess about Covid and adding one more worry about getting it from my adorable dogs is not something I'm keen on.”