Kisumu’s plan to expand Dunga boardwalk is definitely a great addition

By Kwame Akinyi

Kisumu’s plan to expand Dunga boardwalk is definitely a great addition

Lately I have been overwhelmed with work and I needed a break to just relax and catch a breath. And while I was working, looking for locations for my previous piece Fun outdoor date ideas in Kisumu, I came across a certain nature trail or rather board walk known as the Dunga boardwalk.

I initially wanted to add it to my list on the article but unlike the other locations and activities I haven’t been to the board walk and so I opted to try it out first on my own, use it as a getaway from work and take a break.

As described on their website, it one can watch birds, snakes, an acre of reeds floating on the lake and at the same time view the lake. I was really elated and really looked forward to visiting the place…. except the snake part.

So I freed up some time off this past weekend. I put on my jeans, t-shirt and bata ngomas, my sunglasses ,packed a bottle of water and set out for the hidden gem. Tracing it wasn’t really easy but a few consultations from the bodaboda guys and I was able to locate it.

The board walk is located next to Dunga beach on the shores of Lake Victoria, a famous location for buying/eating fish fresh from the lake and going for boat rides.

To access the place I had to pay an entry fee of Ksh.100. Once inside, it looked like a maze with different points to stop and view the reeds, a few fish swimming around and spot birds chirping in the background.

Also inside, there is a semi-museum, allow me to call it a semi-museum given its size and also the fact that it doesn’t really have much apart from dried fish scales, purpose of the boardwalk, a few images describing the history of luos and some musical instruments. A quick walk through inside the museum then I headed to the main view point.

From the main view point, I could see an acre of reeds, floating while swaying and dancing to the whispers of the wind. Finally, the peace I came to search for. A breather very much needed. It’s amazing how no matter each time I get to see the lake I still get amazed by its beauty and calmness.

The Dunga Boardwalk aerial view

After a few minutes, I continued for a walk around the trail. It looked like a mini bamboo forest, a few locals here and there taking a break also from their daily lives while sipping on their beverages. I managed to find a spot where I could sit and view the lake, soak in the sun, while the birds sang to me.

Given that the board walk somehow floats on top of the lake it felt like sitting on a giant swing , being swayed gently by the waves while the breeze brushed through. The perfect way to catch the evening sunset.

Everything else was peaceful, a perfect place to chill except for the photographer who kept nagging me for a photo everywhere I went which I found really annoying.

I only managed to stay for around 30 minutes, a short period for the peace I was craving but I don’t have any regrets.

There is a plan to expand the board walk which I hope they do because it isn’t spacious. Also would I go back given that I like revisiting places be it parks, nature trails etc etc? I’m not really sure, maybe if they expand it.

Luckily for me I didn’t get to see any snakes. Apparently they only come out during certain hours of the day.