Quick sun-kissed makeup for a picnic

By Hannah Randa

Quick sun-kissed makeup for a picnic

Picnics and outdoor brunch require minimum-effort, high-impact makeup that won't look caky or melt off your face; but rather allow you to feel the fresh breeze on your skin especially if you have been cooped up indoors for long. Not to mention, having to wear a face mask on top of heavy makeup as you make your way to your picnic site is just not feasible.

So forget the full coverage foundation, smoky eyes, wedged liner and red lipstick. Instead, go for a light concealer, moisturizing lipstick or gloss, waterproof mascara and an eyeliner.

The aim here is to highlight your natural features, conceal flaws and blemishes if any- all to reveal a fresh and lively appearance. You want to maintain a subtle look because the sunshine makes heavy makeup look more apparent. Don’t forget your sunscreen for high level protection from ultraviolet rays because despite the coolness, the nose, cheeks and chin can get burnt.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve sun-kissed picnic look in just 10 minutes.

Prepare before makeup (1 minutes):

1.     Clean face with warm water or a cleanser.

2.     Apply toner followed by a moisturizer, spread evenly to T-zone and neck.

3.     Apply SPF sunscreen with special attention under the eyes. This blocks off 97% of UVB rays.

Face(5 minutes):

1.     Begin with the concealer applying a few lines on the chin, under eye and T-zone. Using concealer instead of a foundation keeps the makeup light.

2.     Splash some setting spray on a sponge and blend. This trick helps the concealer absorb evenly without looking caky while hiding fine lines and large pores.

3.     Use what is left on the sponge to blend around the forehead and nose.

4.     Add translucent setting powder under the eye using the same sponge.

5.     Grab a neutral shade of bronze or soft highlight and lightly brush on top of your cheek bones and temple.

6.     To add a peachy glow to your face, go in with a light blush using an air pro brush

Brows(2 minutes):

1.     Runa brown brow mascara or eye pencil through the eyebrow to define its shape.

2.     Take a little concealer using a small brush to clean up any mascara marks on the skin.

3.     As needed, use tweezers to remove extra hairs

4.     Set the brow with brow gel to keep hair in place. This is especially helpful if you have messy brows.

5.     Do the same for the other brow.

Eyes(1 minute)

1.     Lift your lashes with black mascara

2.     Apply eyeliner

Lips(1 minute)

1.     To complete the look, apply a thin layer of contour lip pencil to define the lips.

2.     Then add a beige or a natural berry lip gloss to protect your lips when outside.

Sprinkle a protective spray for more durability of makeup and you’re ready for the picnic!