Tips to ace your Mobile photography on the next Road Trip

By Hannah Randa

Tips to ace your Mobile photography on the next Road Trip

Infinix Ambassador, Wildlife Photographer and Travel influencer, Fahad Fuad says, “Smartphone cameras are on an inexorable rise in terms of redefining photography and producing the best imagery possible. With almost every smartphone company flaunting higher megapixel, multiple lenses,night mode shots and cinematic video recording, there is really nothing that stops one from taking DSLR-style shots.”

For your next road trip, Fahad generously shares his top photography tips to level up your smartphone photography skills and help you document unforgettable the beauty that surrounds you.

Composition is key. Compose your subject around the environment to create a story. “Don’t just focus on yourself.” says Fahad. “When you post a photo on Instagram, people don’t just look at you but rather focus on how the subject fits into the environment to create a message.” he adds. An example of composing a photo while on the road is to include trees, hills and the sky which will help you enhance the impact of your photos.

Find the light. Even the best camera is worthless with poor lighting. Unless you are creating a silhouette, the sun or source of light has to be behind the camera. This helps your phone camera bring out the details and capture great pictures.

Snap during the "golden hour”. Timing is everything they say. So, plan your road trips around good light. “The golden hour happens between 6am -10am and 4pm – 6pm. This is when the sun gives a soft yellow-orange lighting. Any other time during the day is likely to have harsh sunlight which often makes pictures appear pale or burnt.” says Fahad. The big advantage of the golden hour is that it adds a touch of magic to your photos.

Snap bursts of photos. Take as many photos as you can within one shoot so that you can review the images and select the perfect shot. This technique is also ideal for capturing objects in motion or high energy moments with your loved ones. As a photographer always shoot something that is good and you will never know a good picture until you take that shot. So don’t wait for perfect moments rather, create them.

Capture the action. The most important thing to remember is to have fun during your adventures and translate that into dynamic action photos. Don’t be afraid to play around with different angles and try out new poses. Fahad says, “When you visit a place, you not only want to remember how it looked like but also how it felt. So for instance if you visit a waterfall, why not get into the water and experience the cold splash and slippery rocks? You’ll be surprised how refreshing nature can be and your photos will tell a great story.”

Add a filter for impact. A good filter can improve the quality of your photos and deepen the colors of the sky, trees or lakes. When used correctly, it can make an unexposed feature such as a mountain or forest standout in the same photo. “Every smartphone has editing features on their camera. Personally,I use that together with ‘Lightroom’ which is a free editing app available for installation on your phone or laptop. Features on this app are the best for editing outdoor photos.” says Fahad.

Bring a tripod. The simplest way to improve the quality of your photo is to use a tripod. This is especially necessary when you are traveling solo and you want to get clearer, steady photos. "It is important to note that tripods should be placed on a flat surface to avoid dropping your phone so be mindful of that when you are out in the wild."

Your phone might not capture an award winning shot but all you need to achieve a great photo is a combination of careful planning,good timing and patience.

These tips will also come in handy on your next backyard brunch.