Where to get takeout on your way to a picnic

By Hannah Randa

Where to get takeout on your way to a picnic

Torn between pandemic safety rules and environmental concerns, many restaurants have become masters in the art of takeout services and packaging well-sealed containers ideal for trips to a park, picnic site, beaches or camping sites. These to-go options are great now that our world is literally in our phones and grabbing a clamshell of tacos or a bag of french-fries feels safer than dining inside a restaurant.

Here’s an array o restaurant, café, and food truck choices serving excellent meals at modest prices that can be quickly picked up on your way to the outdoors.

1.     Dinah’s Kitchen

Dinah’s kitchen is the best weekend plan ever. The online restaurant has quite a number of options that are great for a family picnic, like this platter which can be served for two or four. The platter comes with portions of BBQ beef ribs, cheesy chicken wings, saucy beef meatballs, bespoke creamy chicken, creamed spinach, parsley potatoes and an avocado sauce for dipping.

They also serve a plate of honey garlic chicken wings with sauté potatoes Ahh!! so good and perfect for that picnic with views from the beautiful Karura forest.

For a less-meaty or vegetarian option, be sure to check out their mouthwatering salad menu. I can assure you that the Zesty Kiwi Olive Salad will be your absolute favorite.

One more reason why I love Dinah’s kitchen is that their packaging is 100% biodegradable an indication that the restaurant is cautious about the environment. Head out to their IG page @din.ahs_kitchento see menu and place your order.

2.     Tasty Frites Loaded Fries

For most of us, comfort food is a meal that is enjoyable to eat and makes us happier, but may not always be the healthiest option. For me, French fries is the ultimate comfort food. Ever ordered fries from @tastyfrites? Well you need to because these guys take it to the next level and have an Instagram feed that will make you drool.

Imagine having a giant plate of fries smothered with toppings like cheese, mushrooms, green onions, beef chili, bacon and chicken. Delishh!!

My number one favorite had to be the soft creamy cheese, mushrooms and sprinklings of crispy bacon on top of homely fries. This combo brings out an enhanced umami flavor, perfect to serve at your next family outing.      

I also loved the Chili Beef fries packed with loads of savory and tangy flavors. The chili spread around it definitely comes through really well with the seasoned and minced beef. Deliciously soft and crunchy. Next time you don’t feel like a homecooked meal you know where you’re ordering from!

3.  The Goods Gourmet Donuts

If you’re a sweet tooth like me, it’s hard not to love donuts. It’s just the perfect snack to grab for a long distance road-trip. With the holiday season here, I am so impressed with how some donut shops are creating many versions of this sweet delicious snack.

These deep fried delights are from @thegoodske and they taste just as yummy as they look. The donuts are not doughy or claggy and they're made in small batches throughout the day to guarantee they stay fresh and moist. Each one is little and cute with toppings ranging from oreos, to strawberry icing, kitkat, coconut sprinkles, marshmallows or even to more unique flavours like mint choco. Some versions are stuffed to the brim with custard jam or Nutella which will have you begging for more. You can order for all that in one box.

I recently tried their ‘bad n boujee’ box of donuts. Soon as I opened the box this amazing chocolatey aroma hit me. Each bite was supple, spongy, thick and absolutely dripping with chocolate.

I was blown away by the Chevra donut. It was so soft, stuffed with oozing goodies, covered with chocolate and topped with spicy chevra. I actually never knew that such a thing as Chevra donuts existed! The spicy chevra marries really well with chocolate and the savory sweet flavors.

I also had their maple bacon donut which had me drooling.Bites of the bacon cutting through the pillow soft dough and sweet maple syrupwas just perfect.

I’m so excited to try out more of @thegoodske’s donuts because they seem to have a lot more up their sleeves. Actually, I think I’ll just call them now.

4.    Big Dayum Heroes

Love tacos? @bigdayumheroes serves a lot of it and specializes in more traditional and contemporary tastes.

Kudos to this joint for fixing amazing tacos that are good for the wallet and leaves a flavor-haunting palate asking for more. The soft corn tortillas are filled with salad and tender, spicy, juicy chicken and each is topped with a different sauce that gives them unique vibes.

The tzatziki one which is creamy and garlicky will make your mouth water with delight. My favorite is the coriander chili one which has pepper and herbs adding extra pungency to the taco. Mmmm, I'm licking my lips just thinking about them!

When I stumbled upon the food truck it was a real surprise because they had set up an outdoor grill where you could get roasted chicken, roasted vegetables, ribs, sweetcorn, sandwiches and buffalo wings.  Perfect for bringing to the park or backyard event.

The spicy glazed chicken with potato salad and some sweet corn will definitely give you that BBQ vibe.

5. The Cookie Bar

Check out these ginormous beauties! These gorgeous cookies are from @thecookieband they are simply massive. Would you believe me if I told you that the cookies are beautifully moist, have a nice crunchy texture to each bite? Yep .And they taste divine.

I’m a fan of chocolate chip and the coconut. The amazing thing about the chocolate chip cookie is that they taste like an explosion of chocolate sweetness in your mouth. The coconut cookies on the other hand make for a delicious flavor because of how its mild and delicate sweetness paves way to a fluffy, crunchy and mildly sweet cookie that is super delectable.