A budget friendly Hydration Vest for your next hiking adventure

By Kwame Akinyi

A budget friendly Hydration Vest for your next hiking adventure

Choosing a hydration vest for running might be challenging given the fact that options are endless. Whether you like hiking, going for daily jogs, cycling, you’ll need a pack that is substantial, easy to carry and sizeable for all the essentials, be it snacks, fluids, your phone etc.

How to choose the best option

When choosing a hydration vest, there are certain things you need to consider. You will need a vest that offers maximum comfort. The shoulder, chest and waist straps should offer you that. When it comes to the shoulder straps, they need to be padded and wide enough allowing it to distribute weight evenly. As for the fit, it would be best to consider how the vest feels on your back and how well it compliments your natural position.

The capacity of the vest matters too. Depending on how much you like to carry while on a hike, trailing or cycling. A 5-12litres vest usually offers more than enough room to fit all your belongings- be keen not to over pack.

Here is our budget friendly option you can consider while shopping for hydration vests:

Topspeed 5L lightweight Multipurpose hydration vest

Best for cycling, Hiking and running.


·       2L Water bladder included in the price.

·       Super-light elastic fabric to help you go farther every time. Empty weight: ~260 grams.

·       Breathable back and shoulder straps for maximum comfort.

·       Reflective edges to keep you safe while cycling or jogging at night.

·       Empty capacity: 5L.

·       Extendable capacity in shoulder strap pockets can fit additional small items.

·       Available in black, red and grey.

·        Price: Ksh2799/=.

·       Where to purchase: outdoorer.ke