Eight kid-approved picnic meals

By Kwame Akinyi

Eight kid-approved picnic meals

Kids love experimenting, and you can always have them in the kitchen with you setting up different recipes for different occasions. You can have them help you create a picnic menu for your upcoming picnic. Food, drinks and snacks that the whole family would enjoy having during the picnic then create them. Once you are set on the menu they can even have special names for the meals.  

Below are some ideas for picnic meals suitable for the kids

Chewy Honey Granola Bars

These simple yet delicious bars have the sweetness from the honey, chewiness from the raisins, hints of chocolate and cinnamon,and a bit of crunch. They freeze well and act as a healthy snack option, too.

Mini milkshakes

There is nothing better than a perfect milkshake. Luckily, making one at home is extremely easy and your kids can even help you make some. Try making these cute mini milkshakes for your family picnic. You can go ahead and be extra by adding three flavours to suit everyone. You could try oreo, banana, strawberry or even mango and blueberry.

Pizza pockets

You can opt-out the usual large pizza boxes by making your pizzas completely portable by folding them into tasty little pockets filled with ingredients inside. They are not only delicious but they make an ideal picnic lunch for the kids.

Homemade Subway

Ready to eat sandwiches are always the norm at home, mom or dad gets in the kitchen, quickly whips up a sandwich, packs it and voila ready to eat. Why not try something different for your upcoming picnic with the kids? How about making-your-own buffet with different ingredients suchas salami, lettuce, tomatoes, ham and the likes for the kids to be able to choose according to their liking.

Fried chicken fingers

In case eating chicken off the bone is challenging for the little ones you could opt for chicken tenders. You can use your usual fried chicken recipe or if you don't have any you can try the KFC.You can add some flavour to them by dipping them in honey or barbecue sauce alternatively you can pack aside little one's favourite tomato sauce or ketchup and for you, some chilli, just don't let the kids eat the chill if they can't handle the spiciness.

Healthy Fruit popsicles

Making homemade fruit popsicles is a fun way for kids and adults to experiment in the kitchen. It’s also an easy way to add more nutrients to your day without using refined sugar. You and your kids can decide on one or even 3 different flavours that you would like to add to your picnic menu, it could be a peach strawberry yoghurt popsicle, minty watermelon popsicle and an orange mango coconut popsicle. They are an easy and refreshing treat to help you cool down from the heat given the fact that you and your family will be out in the sun for most of the day.


A big satisfying gulp of cold, freshly squeezed lemonade is all your kids need to beat the heat while outside enjoying the picnic. They are a refreshing summer drink and also easy to make. Also, another advantage is that you are not only limited to lemons. You can use other fruits such as watermelons, strawberries, raspberries, peaches and any other of your liking.

Pro tip: skip the sugar and use honey instead.


Honestly, samosas are one of the tastiest go-to snacks to be ever invented. You can choose to fill it with any savoury of your choice. There is no limit when it comes to the fillings after all that's what makes the samosa. However, making the samosa pockets can be quite a task but the good thing is that you can always buy them from your local supermarkets. To add fun to the process, the kids can help you fill in the pockets. When packing them don't forget your sliced lemons, those two marry well.