Fun outdoor date ideas in Kisumu city

By Kwame Akinyi

Fun outdoor date ideas in Kisumu city

Set on the western side of Kenya, Kisumu city is a beautiful town that offers warmer weather, lovely landscapes, delicious African food and plenty of outdoor entertainment offerings-a great place to create happy memories with your special someone.

Whether you are just visiting the town or a resident who is looking to have special moments with their partner, below are some date ideas to spice up your relationship.

Lunch dates by the lake

Picture yourself having a delicious lunch on a gazebo-like restaurant right above the water. Feels like having a meal on deck right? An afternoon visit to the Impala Ecolodge Kisumu offers you such an experience. The gazebo,decorated with oil lamps, is set just above the lake and offers you a full view of the lake and other parts of the city as you enjoy your meal and chat the afternoon away with your partner. Also given that it's rarely crowded, it creates an intimate experience.

Watch the sunset

If there is one place that has beautiful sunsets, it has to be Kisumu town. To get a beautiful view, you could visit Riat hills. The place offers a lovely view of the city, Lake Victoria and distant islands across the lake.Such views accompanied by a beautiful sunset creates a romantic scene worth soaking in.

Visit a park or museum

Parks and museums tend to be interesting adventures and also provide for an educative experience. While in Kisumu, you could visit the Impala Sanctuary set on the shores of Lake Victoria, home to different kinds of wild animals though the real stars of the sanctuary are the beautiful impalas and zebras that graze freely around the park. Alternatively, you could visit the museum and learn a few things about the cultural history of western Kenya and its people. It also hosts different kinds of snakes if you are daring enough to learn more about them.

Boat rides

Different points along the shores of Lake Victoria such as the Hippo point offer boat rides across the lake. You and your partner could hire a boat for a certain period and distance for a ride. The thrilling part of this activity is stopping by points where the hippos frequently emerge from the water for a short break or play.

Pack a picnic

Picnics are always an ideal date idea. There various picnic locations in Kisumu i.e. The Impala sanctuary, that you could go to and have a lovely time.Fill your basket with a simple spread of your favourite go-to snacks including fresh fruit and a cold drink it could be a bottle of wine and enjoy a lovely time.


Hiking is a perfect way to challenge and bond with your partner. And once you make it at the top of a hiking trail,you'll be sure to enjoy the view with each other as well as take great pics to save the beautiful moments. Kit Mikayi inthe outskirts of Kisumu city is a good place to explore.

If you are in any other part of the country, here are some destinations for you.