Here Are The Lessons I'm Bringing With Me After The First Lockdown

By Abigail Arunga

Here Are The Lessons I'm Bringing With Me After The First Lockdown

It’s really happening, guys. The third wave of COVID-19 is here with us.

We’re in a second lockdown, and we have no idea how long this curfew is going to last this time. We have to try and take the lessons from the last lockdown, exactly a year ago, into this one, as best as we can.

And what did we learn? Well, I don’t know about you, but I learnt that I like being outside more than I originally thought I did. Having the option to even go to the supermarket is something I had no idea I felt so strongly about! And who knew that tissue would become such an important commodity in such a short period of time?

Kenyans are nothing if not adaptable. Within weeks everyone was masking up and using sanitizers. We barely even hug each other now – we only gota, or wave, which honestly, is kind of great if you’re not a very social person, I confess. People were and are trying really hard to take care of each other in the middle of a pandemic – and we tried even harder to take care of ourselves. That little thing I talked about earlier, wanting to be outside, but also not wanting to put anyone at risk? We adapted to that too.

Did you notice how many events and interactions, within the past year, have moved to the big open spaces all around us? Kenya is lucky in that our country generally has a beautiful ‘outside’ – whether you’re talking about walking on the pristine beaches of Diani (how I miss Diani!) or cruising the desert sands at the Chalbi, or finding a quiet memorial park right at the heart of the city to just sit with your friends, be socially distanced and hang out. We’re fortunate that we have access to these places, and in spite of us being locked down, we can still go to them.

Picnics, of course, became super popular as our various lockdowns wore on. There were a lot of events and spaces, restaurants, and even personal chefs catering to those people who were fighting cabin fever and grabbing joy where they could find it during Corona. It’s interesting to watch people fit and figure out what they can and cannot do now; whereas beforehand, all it took to go outside was a decision and a WhatsApp group, now, you have to consider, in a very deliberate way: where are we going? Who can come? How many people are we allowed to have? What will we bring?

That last question is particularly important now because you can’t order at restaurants or bars. You’re either doing takeout in your car or cooking at home and using food tins and hotpots to carry around food. But how are you carrying them around?

The great thing about the Vintage Picnics hampers is that it allows you to eliminate trying to manoeuvrer how to carry those hotpots! And each hamper has a certain number of people for it, so literally, all you have to do is bring yourself and the good eats. Yes, the hamper covers plates, cutlery, and a picnic blanket all wrapped into one, but also caters to some things a little more decadent and enjoyable for a perfect afternoon: if you want a bit of wine, there are wine glasses and a stand for your convenience. If you’re a cheese connoisseur, there’s a mini cheese board to put your jams and grapes and cheeses, or whatever delicious accompaniment you have decided on for your meal.

So however you choose to take a break for self-care in these times or do a date night – date day! – or see your homegirls, Vintage Picnics has a hamper for it – for rent, or for sale – so that you can still enjoy everything Kenya has to offer, safely. What’s not to like?