Choose the right sportswear because fashion, fitness and outdoors go together

By Waithera Mbuthia

Choose the right sportswear because fashion, fitness and outdoors go together

The culture of working out to keep fit has caught up with us, especially in recent times when everyone is blaming the weight gain on lockdown. Covid weight aside, working out, hiking and other sporty activities are good for our general health and are highly recommended by doctors. While working out, it is important to ensure that you have the correct outfit, to promote effective work outs, and minimize distractions.

Wallace Mukoma of Ash sport https://ashsport.com/,shared some crucial points on what to consider when buying work-out outfits. He also shared some photos with us, on the various sports wear they have stocked. Fashion and fitness go together, and you can find both at Ash sport.

On choosing the right gear, here are a few tips;

Your sportswear should feel invisible

What you are wearing to a work out should give you a ‘feel naked’ effect. It should hug your body perfectly, to avoid getting in your way during activity. Unlike classic fashion, you do not want to feel what you are wearing.

Move, and move some more

While trying out what to buy, don’t just try and stand in front of a mirror. Move in all angles and directions. Squat, jump and bend. This will ensure that there will be no restrictions during work outs.


The outfit you choose should support your body, and at the same time allow you to breath. Ensure that it is not too tight. Also ensure that the fabric is user friendly and can sweat wick, leaving you cool enabling you to work out without distractions.


Invest in quality sportswear, that will not wear out easily. Ensure you have enough of all outfits, for example shorts, sports bras, pants, and shoes.

List your work outs

This will enable you get the right outfits for your workouts. Different activities require different outfits, so when you list them down, you will know what you have and what you need to buy.

Keep healthy and keep working out. Stay safe.