Look, we have got you that safari look plug!

By Kwame Akinyi

Look, we have got you that safari look plug!

Game drives are a fantastic way to connect with nature and wildlife and appreciate their true beauty. However, deciding on what to wear might be quite a challenge sometimes. While selecting what to wear, you need to factor in that you will be sitting most of the time during the drive and so the main key is being comfortable.

Here are outfit options and where to shop them for your next drive:

Midi dress & safari hat

Midi dresses have proven to be chic and a perfect choice for summer times. However, while going for a drive, you need to lean towards the khaki or linen side. Both fabrics are cool and perfect for the hot temperatures. To accessorize, add a safari hat in order to elevate your look. Making you look chic while having a great time embracing nature.

If you are looking to cop one, you can get a variety at Velvet Kenya as for the sunhat you can get them at Langata link shop.

Jumpsuits& sneakers

The beauty of jumpsuits is that they are comfortable, practical and stylish. For a game drive, it would be best to go for the khaki type given how comfortable they are. Pair it with a good pair of sneakers and you are set to enjoy the drive.

Tsavo two piece

The Tsavo two piece by Velvetx Hali is also an ideal choice to add onto your game drive wardrobe.

The set looks simple and chic and can be worn different ways depending on your style.


Be sure not to forget your sunglasses. And in case you don’t have a pair, you can always get affordable ones either from Mr. Price or Miniso.


Temperatures tend to fluctuate dramatically during game drives, so layers—and scarves—are key.


Backpacks are also an essential during outdoor trips. You should opt for one that is easy to carry around and can fit your necessities like, phone, bottle of water, wet wipes just to mention a few.

In order to be on the safe side be sure to the check out the weather update on that day, it will help guide you on what to wear.  

Also its important to note that you shouldn’t wear bright colored clothes while on a game drive. Its distracting to the animals.