Chicest ways to achieve a fresh look this Jacaranda season

By Hannah Randa

Chicest ways to achieve a fresh look this Jacaranda season

The streets of Nairobi are looking lush, hey! Come October, Jacaranda trees start to blossom with a purple hue on the backdrop of blue skies. Fallen flowers turn sidewalks and roads into works of art as they knit a violet carpet for pedestrians strolling through the streets.

If the Jacaranda season is your jam, then you know it’s the perfect time to pull out your favorite styles and enjoy views of the beautiful purple haze. To make sure that you stay looking fresh, we have rounded up some of the chicest outfit ideas and fashion forward accessories that fit the bill.

So keep scrolling for a bit of visual and shopping motivation to push the envelope in your jacaranda season outfit game.

Floral Prints

It’s hard to go wrong with floral prints during spring time just as it’s hard to go wrong with sweaters in winter. But at this point, floral prints have worked their way from being just a trend into becoming a staple section of our closets. So whether it’s a wedding or a simple picnic date, we guarantee that you’ll see a couple of dresses on our list that will tickle your fancy and you’ll want to flaunt beyond the jacaranda season.

Dress: b_trendy254 Ksh. 1700, Slides: shoes_ke Ksh. 1800, Straw bag: vaafricabaskets Ksh. 1800 , Boater Hat: samuraifashionhouse Ksh. 1000

This beauty is easy to dress up or down and allows for comfort and style all day long.

Dress: ace_kollections Ksh. 2000, Earrings: romani_jewelry Ksh. 500
Shoes: ladieschoice254_ Ksh. 1800

We stan a floral dress with a flattering belt and this color combination will be hard not to compliment.

Dress: b_trendy254 Ksh. 1600, Sandals: uniquesandals_ke Ksh. 2200, Rattan Bag: vaafricabaskets Ksh. 1800, Boater Hat: samuraifashionhouse Ksh. 1000

If you’re into wearing black, then this dress is for you. This two piece looks way more expensive than 1700. It deserves a lovely brunch with family or friends, and so do you.

Two Piece: ace_kollections Ksh. 1700
Shoes: glam_shoes_ke Ksh. 2800
Earrings: romani_jewelry Kshs 500
Maxi Dress: malikalikenya Ksh. 1400, Sandals: elegant_stylez.ke Ksh. 1800, Purse: thebraggybag Ksh. 2100

Made with breathable, carefree fabric, this design will definitely make you standout.

Shades of Purple

When it comes to incorporating colors into an outfit, purple is typically a bold color choice. For this Jacaranda season, why not try different shades of purple or mix and match with accessories of different colors to add some spice to a head-to-toe outfit.  

 Bandage Midi Dress: b_trendy254 Ksh. 2300, Earrings: romani_jewelry Ksh. 500
Shoes: shoes_ke Ksh. 2500
Pouch Bag: thebraggybag Kshs 4000

Purple-yellow is definitely a combo you never thought you needed. Draped to flatter your curves, you can pull off this look for meetings or margaritas.

Palazzo pants: ace_kollections Ksh. 1300, Weaved Mules: house_of_chic_kenya Ksh 2800, Dior Bag: elegant_stylez.ke Ksh. 2800
Top: nessa.fashions Ksh. 500

This look may seem basic but wide-leg trousers are forward and of the moment. The exaggerated sleeves on the top and weaved sandals complete this effortless outfit. We also recommend matching the pants with an orange top, cardigan or shoes.

Wrap Dress: thrift001_ Ksh. 900, Shoes: fabbellas_Kenya Ksh. 3200, Bag: zeetrendy_ Ksh. 2800
Earrings: romani_jewelry Ksh. 500

This can be the go-to dresses you throw on without thinking twice. You may opt to pair the dress with brown boots to give it some edge.

Go white

Forget all the stringent rules and everything you’ve heard about how delicate white outfits are, instead consider combining this neutral color with bold accessories. Incase it’s not warm enough feel free to layer the dresses or jumpsuits with a cream or dark coat.

Dress: b_trendy254 Ksh. 1800, Sandals: uniquesandals_ke Ksh. 1000, Tote Bag: _treasured_gems Ksh. 6000, Boater Hat: samuraifashionhouse Ksh. 1000
Sunnies: feurhome_ke Ksh. 800

Don’t be afraid to experiment with boots or strappy heels.

Jumpsuit: malikalikenya Ksh. 1600, Shoes: shoes_ke Ksh. 1500, Box bag: thebraggybag Ksh. 3500, Hat: samuraifashionhouse Ksh. 900, Shades: feurhome_ke Ksh. 500

A jumpsuit can be fun too. The addition of an eye-catching floral box bag ties this sophisticated look together.

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