Popping the question? Five Romantic destinations to make your Proposal memorable at the Coast

By Tony Karanja

Popping the question? Five Romantic destinations to make your Proposal memorable at the Coast

December is here and merry-making is in the air. Despite 2020 being as gloomy as gloomy can get, here’s a chance to end it on a high-note especially for lovebirds. In case you have intentions to take your relationship to the next level, you’ll need more than a diamond ring. What you need is a perfect spot to make your going down on one knee romantic, memorable and worthwhile. From the Coast Region to the Mt Region, Kenya has numerous romantic destinations with beautiful settings that will definitely charm your partner into agreeing to your proposal.

Here, we have sampled five destinations in the Coast Region where you can make your proposal memorable. 

Uhuru Gardens

The iconic elephant tusks monument along the busy Moi Avenue in Mombasa’s Central Business District is a cool place for one to go down on one knee especially if your partner is an attention loving person. The tusks are regarded as a towering emblem of Mombasa’s rich history and heritage. Adjacent to the landmark is the Uhuru Gardens public recreational park which frequently hosts groups of local and international tourists. The busy park is a free and convenient picnic spot owing to its central location as well as diverse range of natural flora and fauna.

Nguuni Nature Sanctuary

Located about 30 minutes’ drive from the city centre, the Nguuni Nature Sanctuary in Kiembeni is home to a variety of wildlife species and birds. If you and your partner are nature-lovers, then this would serve as an ideal spot to pop the question. If you brought friends along to share the moment, then you can all share meals underneath the sweeping doom palms in the company of friendly giraffes, ostriches and oryx and even get to feed them during meal time. The sanctuary is a bird watchers’ paradise which makes it a popular site for serene sun-downers. Here, you can also light up bonfires at night.

Butterfly Pavilion

Within close proximity to Mombasa’s northern beachfront lies the Butterfly Pavilion which is a tropical paradise that hosts more than 16 species of butterfly as well as various antelope. Sounds just perfect to go with the Butterflies in your tummy you’re your partner says ‘YES’ to your proposal. And since this is not just about you, your partner is also bound to feel the butterflies when they see you down on your knee. So yeah, butterflies winning. Its reclaimed forest, ponds and hills make it a unique location to make a proposal. Also, look out for the crafty troops of monkeys that like to swoop down from the trees to join the get-together.

Jumba La Mtwana

15 kilometers north of Mombasa near the mouth of the Mtwapa creek are the Jumba ruins which house the remains of an ancient Swahili stone town. The picturesque museum is an ode to Coastal Kenya’s multicultural history complete with archaeological relics from the 14th century trade between the Swahili, Arab and Chinese trade. This is an ideal place to pop the question especially for history lovers.

Shimba Hills National Reserve

The Shimba Hills National Reserve on the south coast offers a peaceful getaway from the hubbub of the busy beach resorts. Woodlands, lily-topped ponds and savanna combine to create a resplendent home for a rich diversity of plants and animals. The whole ambience here shouts intimacy! And that is all that you need to make a memorable proposal. The park also hosts the endangered sable antelope, one of the highest concentrations of elephants in Kenya and abundant bird life. Guided forest walks are available and you can always cool off in the swimming poll after a successful proposal by the scenic Sheldrick Falls.

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