What to consider when picking an outfit for your kid’s playdate

By Waithera Mbuthia

What to consider when picking an outfit for your kid’s playdate

Playdates give your kids a chance to interact with their age-mates while learning some social skills including turn-taking and conflict resolutions. Choosing the right outfit for your kids is as crucial as picking their playdate partners. It would be best if you determined whether the clothes are stretchy enough, washable, comfortable and not forgetting stylish. With the numerous clothing options and great deals available today, you can go beyond the basic jeans and t-shirt style.

Here are some tips to guide you through:

  1. Choose functional clothes

It might be tempting to dress your kids in fancy clothes,and as much as they will look great, the clothes might not be functional for play. It will be best if you pick some laid-back casual outfits that aren't overly fancy. For instance, you can opt for soft cotton, which prevents excessive sweating. Also, ensure that the length is excellent to avoid injuries in case the kid trips.

  1. Choose comfortable clothes.

Pick clothes flexible enough to enable your child to cross their legs or climb over a frame. Avoid too slippery fabrics that restrict your kids from crawling, standing, or moving comfortably on smooth surfaces. You may also need to ensure that you fasten the belts and shorts adequately to prevent them from continually falling, which can be a nuisance.

  1. Consider the weather

If it's cold, dress up your kid in lots of layers and thick jackets. You can consider a waterproof outer layer for the rain. In the hotsummer, look for loose pants, skirts or dresses. Also ensure the clothes are absorbent to absorb the sweat.

  1. Colors

Avoid too bright colors that can stain easily. Dress your child to get dirty, since play-especially outdoor involves getting into dirt.Bright colors will restrict the child, as they are afraid of getting dirty, and you may also need to keep changing the outfits.

  1. Pick strong fabrics

You need to shop for clothing that can hold up to several years of cleaning without wearing. Natural fabrics are always the best option for every occasion. Cotton is a good idea, since it is comfortable. Khaki bottoms are also a good sport.

We will keep giving you more tips on ensuring your kids have the best fun. Enjoy and keep safe.