Fun outdoor activities for your kids during the holidays

By Waithera Mbuthia

Fun outdoor activities for your kids during the holidays

We’ve been on a sort of a prolonged holiday, since the pandemic landed and our children have almost exhausted all the means we had to keep them busy indoors. And while outside is not as safe as we used to know it to be, kids can still have some fun engaging in some outdoor activities. Just remember to mask them and remind them to observe social distance while outside.

Here, we have compiled an exciting list of fun activities your children could engage in:

1.      Roller skating

For this one, you don’t even have to take your kid(s) out of town… not even out of your estate. If you have skates at home, you can skate the afternoon away on that smooth path next to your house. Just beware of traffic. If you live in Nairobi and/or its environs, you should consider taking the young one(s) to the Aga khan Walk on a Sunday afternoon. Here they will meet other skaters of all ages, something that is bound to excite them and make them competitive at the same time. You'll be surprised to see the prowess of even five year olds in that field here. The beauty of this is that you can either carry your roller skaters or even hire if the visit was unplanned.

2.      Ice skating

You thought you could only ice skate in Iceland? Well, there is an ice rink at the Panari Hotel along Mombasa Road where you can go for that experience. The ice rink that operates on alternate hours is usually open from morning to evening. Ice skates are provided once payment is made, and there are also guides to help the learners here. Remember to carry jackets, and a pair of socks for the children, it can be a bit chilly. Maybe a change of clothes, because they might fall on the ice too. You can also enroll your children for ice hockey lessons, and also ‘ice dancing’ lessons-like in Frozen.

3.      Bowling

Most of us have only seen this in the movies, right? The experience has been brought closer to us now and we have no excuse. You can take the children to Village market - https://villagemarket-kenya.com/,or the Nextgen mall- https://www.nextgen.co.ke/,for this. This is probably a good experience for the older children aged 10 years and above. The beauty of these locations is that they have different games for the younger ones.. Like bouncing castles. Eateries are also strategically positioned so you’ll not have to worry about packing up meals.

4.      Biking

Kids love their bicycles; despite the many injuries they give them. You and your children can bike the afternoon or the evening away as you unwind, and bond with them. You can visit a nature park, or Karura forest- https://www.friendsofkarura.org/ for this. You can still do it on a regular basis, on that road close to where you live, which will cost you nothing. Just carry your water bottles for hydration sake. And don’t forget helmets.

5.      Animal parks.

We all loved animal parks when growing up. Well most of us.This is a fun place to take the children as it is also a learning point. We have the animal orphanage in Nairobi, the snake park the David Sheldrick elephant orphanage  and others. These are fun places where you take your children. You could even help and encourage then to adopt an elephant here, and title it after them.

Remember to observe the Covid-19 containment rules in all the places you visit, stay safe and remember to send us some photos.