Swap the restaurant brunch for a DIY backyard brunch

By Kwame Akinyi

Swap the restaurant brunch for a DIY backyard brunch

Brunch may sound a little fancy but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t have to worry about having to break the bank in order to entertain your guests for that breakfast-lunch fellowship. Take a look through some of our budget friendly backyard brunch ideas for inspiration. Don't forget the Charcuterie.. it will earn you some points.


Given that the setup is in your own backyard is a save already. No fuel costs. No parking fee hassles.

Plan your menu early

Plan your menu a week or two before brunch. This helps with the purchase of your grocery list, you can take advantage of weekly grocery deals in supermarkets and online grocers. Also,with a menu in mind it’s easy to set a specific budget to carter for what’s needed. You could also suggest a potluck, that way each friend is responsible for bringing a certain dish.

Impose a BYOB

Yaas! Bring Your Own Bottle to the party. Since you are already catering for all the food, ask your friends to provide drinks, it could be alcohol, bubbly drinks, or even soft drinks. It’s a fair way of sharing costs. It also gives liberty to the attendees to drink whatever it is they prefer.


As much as fresh flowers,beautifully placed all over the set up alongside personalized napkins are good to look at, they can be a bit costly. Instead, fill up the table with an assortment of meals and your favorite set of tableware. A full table always looks like you’ve created the most generous offering. Also given that the setup is in your backyard, let it act as the décor itself. A well-manicured backyard sets a beautiful tone for any outdoor event.

Plates and glasses

Opt for serving your meals on small plates and cocktails on small glasses to control the amount of food and drinks your guests will consume during the event.

Skip fancy items

So long as you are able to fill your table and feed your guests with enough tasty meals such as crispy French toasts, stacks of pancakes, scrambled, freshly brewed coffee, fruit infused water just to title a few, you don’t need to serve expensive dishes. Serve your guests filling meals, it will keep them satisfied and happy to even notice a missing expensive dish. Remember to play the music from your Bluetooth speaker.