Blackpink for your girls' trip

By Dancun Orondo

Blackpink for your girls' trip

Blackpink’s 1st album aptly named The Album is a must have in your playlist for your next road trip. The album released on October 2nd has eight songs and features collaborations from Selena Gomez on their second pre-release song ice cream and the WAP hit maker Cardi B on the track bet you wanna.

In this album, the girls talk about love and hate; from being lovesick girls who have been hurt over and over but they’re still looking for love in lovesick girls to dealing with the hate they get from haters in tracks like love to hate me. The girls do a great job by having songs that are not only catchy but also easy to dance to.

On the title track lovesick girls, the girls sing about looking for love even though they’re born to be alone over a very catchy guitar instrumental that leads to a more house beat on the chorus. This is that song you sing along to at the top of your voices as the wind blows in your hair and you butcher the Korean lyrics.

On ice cream and crazy over you, the girls are more playful and seductive as they talk about love using tongue in cheek lyrics likening it to ice cream and also talking about how they are crazy without the love of their significant other. The songs have great beats that are bound to bring out the inner deep body rolls out of the worst dancers and make for the perfect songs to make a quick car choreo for.

On tracks like how you like that and bet you wanna featuring Cardi B, the girls go from being triumphant over an ex flame to teasing a new catch. Both have amazing lyrics and groovy beats that will have your head bobbing the entire time.

On pretty savage and love to hate me, the girls address hate they keep getting and talk about how they are avoiding it and focusing on doing their work and being themselves despite the haters. Both feature amazing lyrics and great raps from Jennie and Lisa and Rose and Jisoo aren’t left behind as well. Their vocals are outstanding.

The album ends on a softer and hopeful note with you never know which features heartfelt lyrics, raw vocals, a soft beat and the reassurance that the girls are still themselves even after all the hate and self-doubt that comes about after. This is definitely that song to ride out into the sunset with as the drive comes to a close.

The Album certainly lived up to its expectations and for such a long awaited album did above and beyond to deliver as no track on the album can be skipped. The girls did an excellent job with this album and we cannot recommend it enough for your road trip playlist.