Our Green Alternative: Simple Ways To Host An Eco-friendly Picnic

By Kwame Akinyi

Our Green Alternative: Simple Ways To Host An Eco-friendly Picnic

If there’s one good thing that came out of the coronavirus lockdown, it must have been in the environment: the global shut down in the early months of the pandemic unveiled a cleaner planet: dense smog across industrial cities lifted, revealing clearer skies; murky waters in channels and canals were replaced by clear waters; travel restrictions and cessation of commercial flights also resulted in a significant reduction in air and noise pollution. 

As the lockdowns eased, the outdoors provided a befitting backdrop for some much-needed fresh air and a change of scenery. Today many people are rediscovering nature and reconnecting with the magic of the outdoors.  As you plan your next excursion, here’s how you can take the Green Route and enjoy an eco-friendly picnic:

Go for reusable supplies

Ditch the single-use accessories, and invest in reusable items such as cloth napkins, cloth bags, reusable food containers, bottles, a picnic basket, and a picnic blanket. This way, you will be minimizing waste and transforming your set-ups into nature-friendly and aesthetically appealing spaces. 

Ditch the plastics 

Plastic pollution is a big threat to our environment. And as much as disposable cutlery may seem like a convenient idea, you will be better off replacing them with reusable utensils and flatware from home. 

Have a picnic at a closer location

Choose a location that is near your home.  Alternatively, consider carpooling or public transport to minimize air and noise pollution.  Remember, this single act alone not only reduces your carbon footprint but also saves you a pretty dime.

A simple backyard picnic with family or friends could be a fun and affordable option.

Send out e-invites 

If you are planning a group picnic, consider e-invites as an eco-friendly alternative to physical invite cards. Use apps such as Canva to design your e-posters and e-invites. 

Have an eco-friendly menu 

Isn’t outdoors the best place to eat a salad?

Support the farms in your locality by buying local and organic ingredients for your picnic menu. You could also cultivate fruits and vegetables as a fantastic way of greening your home and feeding the troops. This helps in cutting down greenhouse gas emissions during long transit times.

Use natural insect repellants

Don’t yield to the temptation of crushing that bug that visits your picnic party. There are many ways of keeping your picnic bug-free: citrus fruits and scented candles will keep most bugs away; you can carry apply some repellent cream or wipes to protect your skin from insect stings.

Take trash away

If you happen to have any trash after you are done, be sure to take it with you. Most picnic sites tend to have litter bins where you can dispose of the trash. In the event that there are no litter bins, take the trash back home with you and dispose of it responsibly It is also advisable that you avoid feeding wild animals that you might encounter at the sites. You wouldn't want to interfere with the ecosystem.